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Intercultural Theatre for a New EARTH...

CfAT is a company of diverse performers and artists creating new contemporary performance works that speak to the heart of human experience.

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Cargo Club
Transcultural Underground for Thoroughly Good Social Intercourse
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This Fleeting World
Take Your Soul on a Journey . . .
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The Colony
On a small island in the Coral Sea, a colony of outcasts face death and find love.

THEATRE OF EXCHANGES - Performance training and workshops


The Actor's Lab

In-depth explorations of:

  • body, voice, movement and psychic techniques from world theatre traditions;
  • rhythm, movement, balance, tension, gesture, breathwork & stylization;
  • choreography and design of energy.

Performance Training

General skills training for:

  • physical and vocal fitness;
  • dilation and sensitization;
  • improvisation, dramatic languages and attitude development.

Performance Making

A hands-on approach to creating vibrant theatrical work with a focus on how different cultures can be combined in art, performance and theatre.

Geography of the Body - Workshop Review by John Herayanto




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Creating multiple narratives through heteronyms
Few forms of theatre demand so much of the actor and the audience. In devised theatre the script originates not from a writer or writers, but from collaborative, usually improvisatory, work by the players.