The Second Scream

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A CO-PRODUCTION by CfAT and Kurandacoots


WRITTEN BY Graham Henderson

DIRECTION Guillaume 'Willem' Brugman

COSTUMES Catherine Hassall & Zelda Grimshaw

SOUND Trish Molloy

SCENOGRAPHY Zachary Barclay


CAST Zachary Barclay, Guillaume 'Willem' Brugman, Piers Freeman, Zelda Grimshaw, Catherine Hassall,  Trish Molloy



This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland

The Regional Arts Development Fund is a Queensland Government initiative through Arts Queensland & Mareeba Shire Council partnership to support local arts and culture.

Kurandacoots is a physical theatre company from Kuranda, North Qld creating quirky circus theatre fusions with aerialists, jugglers, acrobats, poets, musicians and magic makers.



In the great tradition of theatre absurd, CfAT and Kurandacoots present a bizarre, astonishing and hysterically funny reflection on the madness of our times.

From slapstick start to enigmatic end, the Second Scream stretches the imagination and confronts the subconscious in a surreal world of deceptions, pinnings, psychoparapraxic attacks, hideous injuries, burgeoning deformities, fake noses, metamorphoses and chintz, chintz, chintz.

Graham Henderson’s masterful dialogue twists and turns through psychoanalytical, literary and gutter slang acrobatics in a world that invites us to go beyond the bounds of decency into the realms of fantastical dreams and darkest desires. 

Meet Dora, Lily, Scabmouth, Fleischman, Rainer and Slade as they reel from one startling revelation to another in this psycho-sexual thriller whose comic genius lies twitching across the febrile line between attraction and revulsion, arousal and disgust.

Visually striking, dense and exciting, The Second Scream brings together six of our region’s diverse performers in a mash-up of circus, cabaret, butoh, physical performance, music and slick retro-schlock in an exploration of voyeurism, narcissism, alienation and desire in a post-industrial, pre-apocalyptic vacuum where meaning is fluid, anything is possible, and everyone is desperate.

The Second Scream is on the sticky side of underground and definitely adults only - a provocative work that calls for brave actors and a daring audience. 





'In keeping with the ancient Greek tradition, the final effect of Henderson’s play as presented by CfAT and the associated companies is cathartic. The unmentionables and the taboos have been exposed and shown to be merely human characteristics, after all. And isn’t that what theatre is supposed to do?'

Read the full review by Glyn Davies in ARTSHUB HERE



‘So Retro its sci-fi’
‘Perverted, revolting, orgasmic’
‘Where does attraction end and repulsion begin?’
‘When too far is far enough’
‘Incomprehensible Perversity’
‘Confronting, disturbing, arousing’
‘Chintz, chintz, chintz’
‘Where is the real potato?’
‘Shocking delirium itself’
‘Completely bent’
'Ridiculous, hilarious, absurd!'
'Don't take your grandmother'
'It's not so much a whodunnit but a whodidn'tdoit or indeed, what was done to whom?’