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The Colony



WRITTEN BY Graham Henderson

DIRECTED BY Willem Brugman

COSTUMES Linda Jackson

SOUND Nigel Pegrum & Jeremiah Johnson

SCENOGRAPHY Guy & Gina Allain with Mavis Ngallametta & Craig Koomeeta

AUDIO VISUAL DESIGN Savannah Productions

CAST Warren Clements, Catherine Hassall, Sue Hayes, Piers Freeman, Kara Ross, Miyako Masaki, Jeremiah Johnson

On a small island in the Coral Sea, a colony of outcasts face death and find love.

A handful of gloriously dishevelled outcasts melt through their final days, shifting between reality, dream and memory - both actual and imagined.

Their only contact with the outside world is the infrequent ferry, which brings them mail and also gin to anesthetize the passing of time.

The one to bear witness to this final voyage, as bodies and minds break down, is Hamlet, a lovelorn writer, chronicling the last days of the lepers.

Part 'cry from the heart', part meditation on the last things, THE COLONY is moving theatre, exploring the human kindness and dignity felt most acutely in our shared vulnerability.

With mangrove-dyed costumes by textile artist, Linda Jackson; and a ghost-net set by G&G Allain in collaboration with Aurukun artists Mavis Ngallametta and Craig Koomeetta, The Colony is 'breathtakingly beautiful'.


Patterns radiating on the slick wet stage suggest the comforting constancy of the tide.   In the lighting design is all the sultriness of the tropics, shot through with overripe yellows and reds.   The costumes seem to have been made by the earth and the sea, and something more intangible, placing us in a sort of anytime

The Colony puts Cairns on the map of multicultural theatre in Australia

It reflected the eternal/infinite nature of life and consciousness.

Moving, beautiful, haunting.

I was deeply touched.